Teachers Module
How to add a Teachers Module to a Subsite

To add a Teachers Module to a subsite you need to do the following: a) Log in to the admin side. b) Add classes first by clicking 'edit' on 'Add & Delete Classes. c) Once the classes are added, next step is to assign teachers to the classes or vice versa. Click either on "Assign Classes to a Teacher" or "Assign Teachers to a Class". d) To "Assign Classes to a Teacher", select a teacher from the drop down menu. Highlight the classes to add to the teacher on the left box (hold Control key while selecting multiple items) then click "Add>>". Save. e) To "Assign Teachers to a Class", select the class from the drop down menu. Highlight the teacher/s that you want to add to the class then click "Add>>". Save. f) After assigning teachers to the classes (or vice versa), go to "Assign Class Sections to Individual Subsites" in the main admin page. g) Select the Subsite from the subsite drop down menu. Select the class sections you want to add to the chosen subsite by highlighting the item/s and clicking the "Add>>" button. Save. NOTE: (You can choose multiple selections by holding down the Control key while selecting the items). h) Teacher modules are now created. To Edit it , go to the subsite where you just added the teacher module. Find the new button named "Classes" on the left navigation buttons. i) You will be able to add all the information you need such as assignments, class notes, on line worksheets etc. j) Alternatively, you may use the portion "Edit Teacher Information & Class Content" in the main admin to add teacher information, assignments, etc.


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